What Type of Sauna to Choose for Home

If you would like to purchase a sauna for your home in the near future, then you must know exactly what model will meet your needs. Therefore, if you are confused and do not know what type of sauna to choose for home, then this article will certainly provide you the desired information so that you can find it easier to make a choice.

What models are available on the market at the moment?

Before you actually go and buy a sauna for your home, you must know exactly what models are available in the shops at the moment. What you will encounter during your search are indoor and outdoor saunas, which are divided into two categories according to the manner in which they work, more precisely infrared and steam.

#1 – Steam sauna

If you are a person who actually enjoys steam in the sauna, very high temperatures, and a more social environment, then you must definitely go for a steam sauna. This model will definitely provide you several health benefits, including:

Downside: The heat and air moisture can make it uncomfortable for some individuals to sit inside the steam sauna, even creating breathing difficulties.

#2 – Infrared sauna

If you fall in the last category we discussed in the previous section and find it uncomfortable to sit in a hot, steamy environment, the best infrared saunas for home use provides you with a tolerable manner to enjoy sauna sessions. Infrared saunas work by producing heat that penetrates the skin instead of warming the environment and creating moisture, so there’s no discomfort.

When you look into infrared saunas, you will notice the treatments they offer are sectioned into 3 categories depending on their levels, more precisely:

Advantage: Due to the considerably more comfortable environment provided, the infrared sauna encourages longer detox and relaxation sessions.

#3 – Outdoor sauna

Outdoor saunas are perfect for those who require large-sized units. They can actually have any dimensions, in order to meet all your needs. Rather than this detail, they actually provide the same benefits as their indoor counterparts. The only notable negative aspect is the asking price as it generally tends to be higher with outdoor models.

Perfect DIY project: Regardless of your skill level when it comes to woodworking and general DIY projects, building your own outdoor sauna is a satisfying and quite convenient task to take up as you can make it the exact size you need and with all the features you desire. Moreover, there’s the added benefit that you end up saving a lot of money if you build it yourself.

#4 – Indoor sauna

Indoor saunas are the most popular ones these days due to the fact that they are more practical, as you can install them close to the bathroom, or why not right in your bathroom. Health-wise, indoor saunas don’t bring anything new to the table, but there are a couple of other perks you enjoy as:

  • Indoor infrared saunas are very easy to install, even for people with no prior experience, so you save money on professional installation if you follow instructions and set it up yourself.
  • The asking price of indoor models is significantly lower when compared to that of outdoor saunas.

#5 – Infrared slim belt

For those who don’t have enough space to install a sauna at home or don’t want to invest a lot of money, there are cheaper and smaller alternatives that provide the benefits of infrared light and one of the most common ones is the infrared slim belt. Judging by this infrared sauna slim belt review, they are comfortable to use and provide great results in alleviating back pain, improving blood circulation, and losing stubborn belly fat.

Portability advantage: Evidently, as the sauna slim belt is actually a wearable, there’s the added benefit that you can take it anywhere you go and use it at your discretion.


Whatever model you do end up choosing, whether you turn the sauna addition into a DIY project or you order it online, you are sure to spend relaxing moments in it and reap only benefits from your sessions. Stress-free and healthy is the life you will lead from the moment of making this addition to your house. Study all sauna types to choose the option that fits your available space, needs, and preferences best, and make an informed choice you won’t regret.

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